Our solution provides comprehensive analysis, monitoring & control of the multiple aspects of your water systems via our cloud portal. 

For each system you can access live readings, historical reports, and remote control of your water system. 

Polar Monitoring provides a wide range of monitoring, control and data logging opportunities for:  

  • Remote or difficult to access locations
  • Hazardous or critically important sites
  • Long-term groundwater statistics
  • Drought and water usage management
  • Landfill and mine water supervision
  • Flood and storm water management
  • Water usage and flow rates 
  •  VSDs & Pump Control Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Mining 

Boreholes & Pumps

Wellmon 750

Wellmon Range

The borehole and pumps monitoring and control systems take away the need to go out and physically inspect each and every well or pump. The system completely takes over and lets you control the pump as well as monitor flow-rates, head heights and more remotely from your computer, cell phone or tablet.  

Water / Flow Meters

Wireless Meter Reader

Polar monitoring provides a one stop solution for commercial water monitoring needs. Our experts can help you choose the best monitoring solution to fit the needs of your application with the ability to scale to as many water meters required and accurately produce month end reports of consumption and flow rates.

Irrigation and Pump Control

Center Pivot Control

Remote Control Systems

Polar monitoring provides easy and effective solution to monitoring and controlling your irrigation systems remotely. From center pivots to household applications, VSD’s to pumps, we have the device you need.


Tanks / Dams

SmartLink 200 - DC


The SmartLink is a wireless float switch which provides a solution to maintaining water levels in tanks, reservoirs and dams. It consist of a device that sits at the tank which monitors water level which then sends a long range wireless signal to the base station at the pump to stop or start pumping. 

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