The Polar Monitoring systems are extensively used in the water sector, the ability to log, track and trend data from devices and sensors in the field provides valuable insite into the functions and efficiency of the full water chain from production to usage to processing. 

Our water monitoring solutions provides comprehensive analysis, monitoring of the multiple aspects of your water systems via our cloud portal. 

You can access live readings, historical reports, and remote control of your water system. 

Polar Monitoring provides a wide range of monitoring, control and data logging opportunities for:  

  • Remote or difficult to access locations
  • Long-term groundwater statistics
  • Drought and water usage management
  • Flood and storm water management
  • Water usage and flow rates 
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD) & Pump Control Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Mining 
  • Cost Savings & Optimisation
Phone Showing Water Monitoring System

Boreholes & Pumps

Wellmon 750 Product Image

Tank & Ground Water level

Our tank level, borehole and pumps monitoring systems take away the need to go out and physically inspect each tank, dam or borehole. The system completely takes over and lets you remotely control the pump as well as monitor: flow-rates, groundwater level, pump run hours, power consumption, water quality etc. remotely from your computer, cell phone or tablet.  

Irrigation and Pump Control

Center Pivot Control

Remote Control Systems

Polar monitoring provides easy and effective solution to monitoring and controlling your irrigation systems remotely. From center pivots to household applications, Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) to pumps, we have the device you need.


Water Meters

Water Meters

Polar monitoring provides realiable & cost effective water metering solitions. These water meters can be used standalone or paired with our AMR solution to get water usage readings into the cloud.  Ranging from 15mm domestic meters all the way to 200mm Industrial meters.


Electricity Meter

3 Phase Power Meter

Electricity / Power meter

Pumping and general moving of water is a power heavy and costly opperation. Pairing pumps and motors with electricity meters can increase the understanding of the consumptions and costs involved in moving water around. 

The Polar Gateway can be connected to a number of different electricity meters and power analyzers to get more detailed information of motor performance and consumptions. 

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