The Polar Fieldbus I/O Module is an input and output to RS-485 device that allows one to connect non RS-485 sensors and devices in the field to the Polar Portal. The module is paired with the Polar Gateway and can send data from its I/O inputs to the Polar Portal for monitoring and control. 

The inputs and outputs consist of: 

  • 4x Analogue Inputs (4-20ma) 
  • 4x Digital Inputs (I/O)
  • 4x Digital Outputs 
  • 2x Pulse Counters 
Fieldbus Module
Polar Date Capture

Uses for the Fieldbus Module

The Polar Fieldbus unit can be used to gather information via its inputs and provide basic control via its outputs. Below is a list of input and output functionality. The same Gateway can use up to four Fieldbus Modules in series to provide as many inputs and outputs as required.

The Polar Gateways monitor the Fieldbus Module. To poll the unit via a PLC or another RS-458 master device please contact us for the list of registers.  

Analogue Inputs

The module has up to 4 inputs for device monitoring. The inputs support 4-20ma and can read 0-10V if a 250ohm resistor is installed in series with the input. Some uses of these inputs are as follows: 

  • Pressure sensors 
  • Flow meters 
  • Water quality sensors 
  • Thermometers 
  • Level line sensors 
  • and more

Pulse Counters

The Fieldbus supports up to 2 pulse counters on the unit and these pulse counters can be configured on the Polar Portal to display various pulse data captured.  Some of these include: 

  • Mechanical Flow meters 
  • Water production / totalizations 
  • Electricity meter monitoring 
  • Generic counters 
  • and more 

Digital Inputs 

Digital inputs on the Fieldbus module can monitor when devices are putting out an on or off signal. This can be coupled with the Polar Portal to display a variety of vital data. The Fieldbus Module supports up to four inputs, these include but are not limited to: 

  • Run hours 
  • on/off 
  • Float switches 
  • Water detection sensors 
  • and more

Digital Outputs

The Fieldbus module supports up to 4 outputs on one module. Users can configure these to remotely control relays and similar devices in the field via the Polar Portal. Schedulers can be configured to do the basic control automatically. Some examples are the digital output uses are as follows: 

  • Entry/exit point control 
  • turning devices in the field on and off 
  • Scheduling on/offs for lights, pumps etc. 
  • and more