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Polar Monitoring is a cloud based monitoring solution built for the commercial, Industrial & agricultural industries. Our Gateways provide access to a number of devices and sensors in the field, irrispective of brand and type, providing information from all your systems in one easy to opperate cloud platform. The system is designed to help monitor and control your business’s production, maintenance and cost savings, all from the comfort of your workplace.

Our Comprehensive Monitroing Solutions:

Remote monitoring and reporting of: power meters, generators, solar and power factor correction systems.

Access live and historical data, reports and have remote control of your water systems. Including: flow meters, water meters, dams, tanks, pumps & center pivots.

Tailor-made systems provide remote access and control to various aspects of industrial equipment ranging from PLCs to variable speed drives and controllers.

We take away the stress of monitoring your cold storage rooms, refrigerated trucks & temperature sensitive environments. Providing remote access to temperature sensors as controllers.

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