Polar Monitoring’s systems can be used extensively for Power and Energy requirements. The system connects seemlessly to a wide variety of controller types via its RS-485 and pushes any data that can be monitored through the controller on site to the cloud. Some of the solutions that the Polar Gateway can be used on are as follows: 

  • Electricity meters 
  • Power Analyzers 
  • Generator controllers 
  • Power Factor Correction(PFC) 

The same Polar Gateway can be used on each of these different systems to bring info from multiple different sites into one cloud platfrom. Below we explore a number of options where the Polar Gateway can be used on existing and new systems to increase system health, notify users when these systems are not functioning as they should and provide a deeper insight into the workings of the Power and Energy systems on site. 

Electricity Meters

Electricy metering is the most basic aspect of understanding electrical usage. Using the Polar Gateway we can consistently monitor these electricty meters in the field. Get an understanding of base loads, current and power usage throughout a site, building or factory. 

Understanding the usages and loads on your system can assist in making necissary changes in the setup, layout and electrical equipment used to reduce consumption. 

The Polar Portal can then be used to generate consumption reports for monthly electricy usages. 

Power Analyzers

The Polar Gateways can also be installed on Power Analyzers.
These are a higher class of electricity meter that allows one to view harmonics, Power factors and find peaks and dips in voltages and currents. 

With the combination of these two products one can start tracking and trending all this information to broaden the understanding of the consumption and load characteristics in a factory or commercial propery. This information can assist with reducing consumption, peaks and high demand loads by pin pointing the times that they occur. 

Generator Controllers

In todays age of inconsisten power production and having to rely more and more on backup power systems it becomes highly necessaryto know their statuses and functionality. 

The Polar Gateway can plug onto a number of different brands and makes of generator controllers to privide insite into the workings of the generators. The system monitors, tracks and trends data provided by the controller empowering the user to keep their systems in top condition and ready to pick the slack when the power fails. 

  • Monitor Fuel Levels 
  • Track run hours for maintenance 
  • Feceive faults and errors and fuel level alerts via SMS and Email 


Power Factor Correction

PFC is vital when there are large inductive loads on site like motors and pumps. Managing the power factor is vital in keeping costs down and systems running for longer. 

PFC systems that go offline can be devistating towards profits and maintaining good power to your facility. 

The Polar Gateway can plug into PFC controllers to monitor their health and status. Sending alarms when something goes wrong or when maintenance is needed on the system. This ensures that we keeping those costs down and making sure the PFC system is running at its optimal efficiency. 

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