The Polar Monitoring Gateway is a device that can plug into devices in the field to provide remote monitoring and control. The system is brand & device agnostic and works on a multitude of different types of device & brands of devices, Such as:

  • Generator Controllers
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Power Factor Correction Systems
  • Solar Inverters
  • Electricity Meters
  • Water Meters
  • Weather Stations
  • Many More

See our list of supported devices for more info.

The Gateway provides the connection from the field device to the Polar Monitor Cloud Platform which provides user access and control to the devices in the field.  

Gateway Options

LTE Gateway


The Polar Monitoring LTE Gateway provides quick and easy connectivity to any device which is remotely out in the field. 

It uses 2G/LTE connectivity via mobile networks to link your devices to the cloud.

The LTE gateway comes pre-installed with a Polar Monitoring managed Sim Card. This means that the unit is a simple plug and play device. There is no management required from the client’s side. Polar Monitoring handles all the data and sim connectivity fees.

Ethernet Gateway


The Polar Monitoring Ethernet Gateway provides fast and easy connectivity to any device which is installed at a facility which already has an onsite network with internet connectivity.

This device connects to the ethernet network using DHCP to get its IP address.

An added benefit is that this device will connect up through a NAT firewall. This means that there is no need for VPNs or port forwarding rules. Its plug and play.