Cold Room Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring units are capable of automatically recording temperature over a period of time. The digital data can be retrieved, viewed and evaluated after it has been recorded. 

These temperature data loggers are commonly used to monitor cold chain shipments and a number of other industries. 

These units are particularly useful when it comes to temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, foods and other materials. 

Products exposed to temperatures outside of their acceptable range or time. This can cause a shortening of the products reliability and lifespan.

Therefore with the ability to live monitor temperature and set temperature restricted alerts. Should there be a moment in which the cold room is acting up you would be alerted before any loss of stock/inventory can occur. 


System Preview

Parameters Monitored

Alerts & Notifications

Reports & Downloads

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How it works?

The Temperature Monitoring range of devices provides the ability to remotely monitor the temperatures  along with many other parameters. The system logs real time data from various sensors and then uploads it to the cloud portal.

Easy Install

Simply install the unit at the well, connect up and install the required sensors, power on the unit and the unit will begin monitoring immediately. 

View & Monitor Data

Once installed, one easily gains access to the device remotely via any smartphone or PC.  You will then have instant access to all devices and will be able to view live data.


  • Long-term temperature ranges 
    • Values can be viewed as closely as hourly to monthly
  • Monitors temperature defrost cycles
  • Temperature restricted products and transit units 

Reporting & Alerts

You are now able to download reports, raw data dumps as well as visualised analytics & trends for all your groundwater monitoring. Setup rules to be alerted on to ensure that you have reliable & sustainable water production for the future to come.

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