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Setting Up DTC1000/DTC2000 on the DTCOM Software

This document will guide you through the process of setting up the Delta DTC1000/2000 temperature meter(s) serial parameters for communication with the Polar Gateway.

Steps to follow:

  1. Have a USB to Serial Mini-Converter.
  2. Download the DTCOM Software.
  3. Install the software.
  4. Run the DTCOM.
  5. Check your COM port.
  6. Setting Up DTC1000/2000 serial communications.
  7. Reconnect with new serial communication settings.
  8. Select your sensor type.

1. Have a USB to Serial Mini-Converter.

Make sure you already have a USB to RS-485 mini-converter to communicate with the DTC1000.

Note: If you have the DTC2000 module(s), mount it/them on the side of the DTC1000 or another DTC2000. The DTC2000 is designed to only communicate via the DTC1000 as an extension module. 

2. Download the DTCOM Software.

Once you have the USB to Serial convertor with you and ready to setup, go to your browser and search for Delta Download Center to download the DTCOM Software.

DTCOM Download

On the Delta Download Center type in DTCOM in the product search side bar, then click the Submit button. The DTCOM software will appear with the download file. Click the file to download.

3. Install the software.

Once you have the download file on your computer unzip it, inside you will find the .exe file, lucky for you, no installation required.

4. Run the DTCOM.

  • Have the USB to serial converter cable connected to the DTC.
  • Run the executable file, then you will be greeted by the above user interface.
  • The DELTA DIGITAL CONTROLLER window shows the default communication protocol settings for the DTC.
  • The Com Port might be different on your computer, the software is able to detect ports that are available on your computer, but you may need to confirm before you can proceed, more especially in .

5. Check your COM port.

To confirm you are using the correct port go to Device Manager on your PC, you can type “Device Manager” to find it.

Check COM Port

Under Ports(COM & LPT) you will find the COM port you should connect to or connected to. If the port is different, make sure you select the correct port. 

6. Setting Up DTC1000/2000 serial communications.

Set new parameters

In the DTCOM Software menu bar click the DTC SET tab to change the communication protocol settings.

New DTC1000/20000 Serial Communication Prams

Enter the new communication protocol parameters in the block as shown above. The new parameter settings are provided in the table below.

Note: It is critical to change the default settings to reflect the table below.

Serial Communication Setup

Name Description Default Required 
Communication Address Serial node address/Unit ID 1 1 
Serial speed Baud rate 9600 9600 
Parity Communication parity E None 
Stop bits Communication stop bit 1 1 
Modbus type Communication protocol format ASCII RTU 
DTC Setup Success

If your setup was successful, you should see the success message “COMMUNICATION AUTO-SYNCHRONIZE SUCCESS” as shown above.

7. Reconnect with new serial communication settings.

Connect DTC1000 with new params

Now that you have changed the communication protocol settings, you can go back to the Communication Protocol Setting window to connect to the DTC by going to the SET tab on the navigation bar.

Delta DTC1000/2000

Choose your new communication settings and click OK to connect to the DTC temperature meter(s).

8. Select your sensor type.

DTCCOM Sensor Type

Assuming you have your temperature sensor(s) wired into the device(s), select the sensor type for each to ensure that it is able to read the temperature. 

Note: Each DTC2000 connected, will start from address 2 until the last, according to how they are stacked on to each other. 

You are all set, go back or click here to wire the DTC1000/2000 to the Polar Gateway.

You may now sign in to the Polar Portal to monitor the device remotely, the button on the right will take you through a setup process.

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