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Polar Portal Gateway Connection Guide

This guide will show you how to set up your Gateway on the Polar Portal. It will also guide you on how to link all the devices connected to your Gateway so they can all be monitored remotely using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or your desktop computer that is connected to the internet.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Polar Portal.
  2. Login to the Polar Portal.
  3. Go to Gateways.
  4. Link your new Gateway.
  5.  View your Gateway details.
  6. Select your Gateway location.
  7. Add your first device.
  8. View device dashboard.

1. Go to the Polar Portal

Navigate to the following URL in your web browser: www.polarmonitoring.com

Polarmonitoring Home Page

On the Polar Monitoring home page, click on “Polar Login” on the navigation bar.

2. Login to the Polar Portal

Polar Portal Login

Login with your Polar Portal credentials and then click on the “LOGIN” button.

If you don’t already have a Polar Mentoring account then click here to register…

Once you have registered an account please Login as described above. 

3. Go to Gateways

Home Dashboard

After logging into your Polar Portal, your Home dashboard will appear as shown on the screenshot above. Click on the “Gateways” tile to view or search your available gateways.

User Gateways

A list of Gateways which you have subscribed to should appear. However, as a new User you will see a “No records found” message,  do not worry, this guide will help you link yout first Gateway.

4. Link your gateway

Link your Polar Portal gateway

Click on the button on the top right of your screen called  “Link A New Gateway“. The button may appear below the filter button. 

Find Gateway

Enter the serial number of your Gateway, you will find the Serial Number next to the QR code on the faceplate of your Polar Gateway. 

Polar Gateway
Polar Gateway

5.  View your Gateway details

This screen will show you the existing state of the Gateway.  We will need to fill in the correct details here inorder to proceed to the next step.

Gateway Details

Rename the Gateway (Optional) – Give your Polar Gateway new friendly name. 

Select the subscription type (Optional) – By default, you are subscribed to “Default Subscription”, which you can rename to anything (eg. your company or client’s name).

Select your Gateway location (Required) – Select the install location of the Gateway on the map. (see below)

6. Select your Gateway location

Click on the “SET INSTALL LOCATION” button to set the install location of your Gateway.

Select Gateway location

Choose the install location on the map.

6. Gateway Diagnostics

Gateway Diagnostics

In order for the system to successfully set up the Gateway, we will need all of the diagnostics blocks to be GREEN.

  • Connected & Online

  • Signal Strength / Connection Quality 

  • Location Set

Click “NEXT” to add your first device. This will bring up the devices tab.

7. Add your first device

Next we will link our devices to the Gateway.  Please see the following Tutorial on “How to Link your device to your gateway”

Should you struggle or have any issues during the Gateway setup process please contact support for further assistance.

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