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Lovato Exp1012

Lovato Exp1012 installation and setup manual


The Polar Monitoring GSM Connect modem can be used to monitor all Lovato Power Controllers including:

  • Power factor correction systems
  • Electricity meters
  • Generator controllers

This user manual will guide one through the process of Installing the GSM Connect Modem onto various Lovato Power Controller devices.

The GSM Connect will connect to the devices Rs-485 port

Antenna connection point
(Remove red cover)

As per the pictures orientation connection points are (A+)   (B-)   (G)

Modem Installation

Mounting the GSM Connect

The GSM Connect Modem is IP 42 and will require additional protection from water and dust ingress.

If mounted inside a panel it is vital that the antenna provided is mounted outside the panel or enclosure.

It is important that any communication cables between the GSM Connect modem and Lovato unit are kept away from any power lines. This becomes ever more important for higher power applications.

Powering the modem

The GSM Connect runs off of 6-36VDC

The unit will come with a standard 2-pin point plug that will be wired into the + and terminals of the green connector block.

Lovato Exp1012

Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

IMPORTANT! Ensure all power is disconnected to the system before any work commences.


  • Start by removing the terminal cover
  • Insert the expansion unit
    • The unit will click into place to ensure a proper connection.


  • Connect power to the unit
    • If the front controller screen is black/ blank. Please inspect the power source and connections.
  • The screen will now show the change in configuration page with four boxes displayed, these represent the plug-in unit/s installed.
    • To proceed select save
  • Unit will now process the change and show a loading screen unit configuration is complete
    • Do not restart or interrupt the unit while in process
  • Once complete, the home screen will be displayed and the unit now ready.

Trouble shooting

Should there be an issue connecting the device/s ensure the following settings are correct.

  • Within the setup menu, select parameter M16 Communication
  • Within M16 Communication
    • Serial Node Address set to 1
    • Baudrate set to 9600
    • Data Format set to 8bit-none

Connecting the GSM Connect to the Lovato EXP1012

The connection point is located at the bottom of the EXP1012 unit, Will be connected using the 3 ports labelled A; B and SG. Only connect the Termination Resistor port if using multiple devices in a daisy chain.

Connecting the GSM Connect to the Lovato DCRL Range

The DCRL range comes in 3 variants,

  • DCRL3
  • DCRL5
  • DCRL8

These units connect through a plug-in module that will provide the RS-485 output connection required. Which will have the same connection points as the Lovato EXP1012

GSM Connect Specifications




Basic Parameters


9V – 36V DC

Operating Current

Average: 21mA -50mA Maximum: 54mA (12V)


Data managed sim card included

UART interface

RS485, baud rate 1200-230400 bps

Antenna interface

SMA female cellular antenna connector



28x64x109 (LxWxH)



Operating temperature

-30°C to +75°C

Transmissions Speed


10MbpsDL/5Mbps UL


85.6KbpsDL /85.6KbpsUL






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