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Link a Device to your Gateway

This article will guide you on how to link all the devices connected to your Gateway so they can all be monitored remotely using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or your desktop computer that is connected to the internet.

Steps to follow:

  1. Add your first device.
  2. View device dashboard.

1. Add your first device

When the Gateway has been set up and working correctly, the next big step for us is to link your first device which is wired to the Polar Gateway.

Note: If this is a new Gateway it will not show any devices, if this is an existing gateway and you are altering the setup, the existing devices will be listed in the table.

Add a device

Click either of the two buttons to add a new device.

Link a device

1.1. Select the device type which you want to add.

Choose the device model you have wired to the Gateway.

Note: Only supported devices will appear on the dropdown.  Please see our list of Supported Devices. Should your device not appear on this list, please contact support.  

1.2. Insert the Sensor Number of your device. 

This would correspond to the Modbus UnitID or Serial Network ID or Slave ID settings programmed on the device. (This number has to be unique per device connected to the gateway).

1.3. Insert the name of the device you are linking. 

Please make this a relevant and meaningful name as this will be used to identify the device in the future.

1.4. Insert device description.  

Add details about the device, what it does, model number, serial number, or any other additional information about the device you are adding. (Optional)

Then hit the “LINK DEVICE” button.

Found Devices

After linking a device succcessfully, it will be shown in the list. Make sure the status of the device is not showing an error. If it does make sure the Serial Communications Settings are correctly set.  (Click on the ? button to get device specific communication help. Also refer to the device specific setup manual to make sure you have set all the communication settings correctly).

Click “Finish” 

This will then navigate you to the devices page filtered by your Gateway as shown below.

Show Gateway Devices

Your newly added device will now appear on the device list as shown above.

2. View device dashboard

View Device Dashboard

In order to view the device.  You will need to click on the “Dashboard” button.

Device Dashboard

Should you struggle or have any issues during the Gateway setup process please contact support for further assistance.

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