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Is there a limit to the number of SMS/ Email alerts sent ?

Is there a limit to the number of alerts?

No, covered by the monthly / yearly monitoring fee paid per device. This covers all SMS and email alerts sent out.

Not receiving alerts or notification?

There are 3 main causes for not receiving alerts:

  • Incorrect alert group details
  • Email provider issues
  • SMS alerts are blocked

Is there a limit to the number of SMS/ Email alerts sent ?

Follow the below steps to update or ensure the details are correct:

  • Login to the Polar Monitoring portal 
  • From the dashboard, click on the users tab
    • Click edit on the users name
    • Review and edit if needed the cellphone number and email address. 
    • Click save 
  • Now click on the alert groups tab                                   
  • Search for the correct alert that needs to be received.
    • From here, you can see if the alert has been been enabled or not. 
    • To enable click the edit button 
    • Click enable if not done so and save.
    • Next check if the user is allocated to the group
      • Click manage users on the right of the screen 
      • If the user is not allocated, create a new user in the group. 
      • Refer to the alerts groups guide.
      • Save 

Is there a limit to the number of SMS / Email alerts sent ?

Ensure the following are correct and followed:

  • Connection problem
    • Check connection point if using an ethernet cable or if working off WIFI, check that the WIFI is on and connected .
  • Check that the email address listed on the Polar Monitoring portal is correct. 
  • Ensure the email is not in the spam or junk folder.
    • If so, mark it as “not spam” to prevent this from happening again.

SMS alerts are blocked

Ensure that the number is not listed as a blocked contact / provider. 

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