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Installation Manual: Polar Gateway – Delta VSD




  • 1 x Polar Monitoring Gateway
  • 1 x  1M Serial Communication Cable
  • 1 x 1M Power Cable
  • 1 x PM-A-2 Antenna

Disconnect all power

Please ensure that all power to the panel has been disconnected before doing any work on the devices.  Never connect telemetry up while the system is running.

Cable Selection

For RS-485 to work effectively, it needs to use a twisted pair shielded cable.

Cable core Usage

Below are labels the 4 cables wiring from the
GSM connect unit to the power supply and to the Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

Table 1
Cable Core Selection





Core 1

+12v to 24v DC


Core 2



Core 3

RS-485 A (+)


Core 4

RS-485 B (-)



Shielded Earth

Please ensure that the RS-485 data cables use the same twisted pair. 

RS-458 Serial Settings & Parameters

The GSM Connect comes with the following default parameters programmed. Most VSD units have the parameters below set by default.



Baud Rate

9600 bps



Data Bits


Stop Bits


Please ensure that your VSD communication settings correctly represent these. Drive specific settings are recorded below. In Group 9 ( Pr.09)

Antenna Placement

The placement of the GSM antenna is crucial to successful operation of the system. The better the signal the more stable & reliable connection the Gateway will have.

  • The GSM antenna must be mounted outside the enclosure and preferably as high up as possible away from hard surfaces.
  • The GSM antenna cannot be mounted inside of any metal enclosure as this will act as faraday cage and prevent signal from reaching it.
  • The higher up the GSM antenna can be the better chance of finding a stronger signal.
  • Keep vandalism or and physical damage from animas etc. in mind when placing the antenna.

VSD Wiring Instructions

On the Delta drives, the communication port is a RJ-45 connector (Often confused with an ethernet cable). Meaning there is only one orientation in-which the cable will connect. 

Below is the pin order and orientation for wiring the RJ-45 cable 

Communication Parameters

The communication parameters for the Delta  CP2000 are all in group 9 please see table below for outline of parameters and codes.



Communication address




COM 1 transmission speed

4.8_115.2 kbps



COM 1 transmission fault treatment

0: Warm and continue operation

1: Fault and ramp to stop

2: Fault and coast to stop

3: No warnings, no fault and continue operation



COM 1 time-out detection

0.0-100.0 Sec.


Running Parameter

In order to remotely control the drive, one needs to make some small changes to the running parameters on the drive. Please note this is optional.
This can be done be changing the below two parameters to run through the RS-458 serial communication parameter


00-30 Source of the Master Frequency Command (HAND)

Settings              0: Digital keypad

                             1: RS-485 serial communication

                             2: External analog input (Pr.03-00)

                             3: External UP/DOWN terminal

                             6: CANopen communication card

                             8: Communication card (no CANopen card)


00-31 Source of the Operation Command (HAND)

Settings               0: Digital keypad

                             1: External terminals. Keypad STOP disabled

                             2: RS-485 serial communication. Keypad STOP disabled

                             3: CANopen communication card

                             5: Communication card (not including CANopen card)


Physical Installation 

  • Secure both the Delta VSD and the Gateway into the enclosure.
  • Ensure that the connection screws are tightly fastened.

Connecting the RS-485

  1. Starting with the RS-485 connection. 
  2. Twist the length of cable to be used around itself to form a braid to minimize interference in communication. On the top end of the Gteway Wire the WHITE wire into (A) and the BLUE wire into (B)

Connecting The Power

The modem unit runs on the power drawn through the CAT6 cable with RJ-45 connector that is plugged in to the Delta drive 

(Note: do not plug the Gateway into AC power or a different dc power source)

  1. On the Gateway, wire the Red wire into the positive (+) and the BLACK wire into the negative (–) terminals.
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