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How To View GPS Devices

Total GPS Devices

This tab is where all tracking devices installed can be viewed on a map view. 

This tab is focused at the GPS and temperature monitoring devices.

The devices can be viewed on either a map or satelite view

To view your device/s 

  • Select the subscription in which the device is listed to.
  • A full list will be shown of a device
    • Red circle icon next to the device name
      • This means that the device is currently not connect/ offline
    • Green circle icon next to the device name
      • This means the device is connected and online.

To view the devices on the map view

  • Select the device/s by checking the tick box located on to the right of the device name.
    • Multiple devices can be selected and the map view scaled accordingly. 

From here you can hover your curser over the selected unit/s and a device summary will be show.

While over the device, you can click the device and be sent to the dashboard. 

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