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How to setup an AMR

Automatic Meter Reader

The AMR is a small battery powered unit that counts pulses provided by the water meter it is attached to and relays the information via wireless to the Gateway.


The AMR is physically wired to the pulse output of said water meter. The unit’s battery life is approximately 3 years and will transmit its water meter data to the gateway every 12 hours. This transmission can be manually triggered by tapping a small magnet to the side of the box by the “wireless” symbol on the bottom left of the box.






Water and dust rating

IP 68

Power Input:

None (battery-powered)

Operating Temperatures:

-30℃ to +50℃




Long Range Wireless




ISO Standards


The installation / setup of this system will happen in 2 parts. The gateway installation and setup and then the AMR installation and setup.


The gateway has both GSM and Wireless connections. Please note that the AMR cannot transmit any data if the gateway is not powered on and connected. It is vital that the gateway is setup prior to the installation of the AMR units.

Step 1 – Attach the 2 antennas, the gateway has come with 2 antennas. One for the GSM and one for the LORA. The antennas must be screwed onto the top of the unit onto the SMA connector pins provided. The wireless antenna on the left and the GSM antenna on the right.

Step 2 – Plug in the power. The gateway provided needs to be powered with a 220VAC plug. Simply plug the unit into a plug socket with the provided adaptor.

Once powered on the unit will cycle through a startup and then after about a minute it will show A-01 on the screen only which means it is connected and ready.

For real world applications the gateway will come with a UPS battery to ensure a consistent uptime even if the power trips.

This ends the Setup for the wireless gateway.


The AMR will need to be connected to the pulse output of the water meter. The unit is battery powered and will require no external power source.

Step 1 – connect the wires from the AMR to the to the water meter. Every brand of water meter will have a different color wires but the principal will remain the same. On the AMR there is a Ground, data wire and a Tamper input. These will have to be connected with the appropriate wires from the pulse output of the water meter.

In this application the AMR has already been connected to the water meter and will not require any connection.

Step 2 – Open the AMR enclosure and remove the battery tab from the battery. This will then open the connection from the battery and provide power to the unit. A RED light will flash periodically once the unit is on. Close the enclosure ensuring that all screws are tight and that the seal is intact.

Step 3 – Install the water meter

Note: the water meter and AMR have been setup and the AMR readings have been linked to the water meter. However, if the water meter has been installed before step 3 then the AMR and water meter may be out of sync. Please navigate to the Toolbox tab on the Cloud Portal and then water meter setup to begin the setup procedure to re-setup the water AMR if this has occurred.

Once the water meter details are entered and the setup button is pressed one will have to tap the magnet again to the side of the AMR to complete the setup.

Step 4 – The AMR will send data every 12 hours to the gateway. If an immediate value is required a small magnet can be used on the “wireless” sign on the bottom left of the AMR to force a transmission of the AMR’s current readings to the Cloud Platform.

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