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How to setup a Gateway


The wireless system is designed on the network topology of utilizing micro base stations / gateways installed on site. Each AMR will then wirelessly send their signals to that gateway which will then upload them to the cloud via its GSM Connection.


Gateway Wireless Range:

The wireless range varies greatly on where the AMR is installed, and the obstacles in the way between it and the gateway.  With wireless, the best practice is to always get as close to Line Of Sight (LOS) as possible. The gateway can do 1-2km direct line of sight. However, if in build up urban area that distance will drop to +- 500m.




POWER SUPPLY (always on)

12V to 24V DC



AC Power Status

12V signal from UPS indicating AC Power Status



The unit needs to connect to a 230VAC mains power supply. This needs to be installed by a qualified electrician and must comply with international electrical standards. Careful consideration needs to be put into deciding where to connect to the mains power supply. For example, you do not want to connect the unit to a circuit breaker on the db board that would often trip or be switch off. Causing the gateway to go offline.

It is not recommended to use the 3 prong plug on the UPS, as people WILL pull this out, to either charge their phone, use the kettle or user the vacuum cleaner. The power supply needs to be permanently wired into the mains supply. 

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