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How to add a sensor to a device

Adding a sensor to a device

To add a sensor to a certain device follow the below steps:

  • Once logged in, select devices from the home screen. 
  • Filter the devices by either subscription or the serial number
    • once selected, click the green plus button below the serial number 
    • Select view sensors
  • This will display the full list of all sensors across all the subscriptions.
    • On the right of the screen click the green plus button.
  • From the add a new sensor page
  • Select the device in-which the sensor will be allocated to. 
  • Sensor number will be done numerically, first sensor will be listed as number 1. 
  • Sensor type, this is based off of the type of hardware the modem is connected to
  • Name, this is the name of the sensor. 
  • Description, optional. 
  • Click create. 
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