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Home Screen Navigation

Now that you are logged in, on your screen will be the dashboard which shows a summary of all your devices, users, alerts etc. We will breakdown the workings of each of these tabs below. Note that each home screen will be different depending on user access level etc..

A.    Subscriptions

These are essentially the sites/projects your devices are connected on. For example, if you have two projects and have one polar device for each, then you will have two subscriptions.

B.     Devices

This is the sum total of all devices across all your subscriptions.

C.     Users

This is the sum total of all users that have access to this subscription/s.

D.    Alert Groups

This is the sum total of groups created for alerts. For example, you can have a group of people that receives alerts (Email or SMS) for water related problems and another that receive for power related issues etc.

E.     Active Alerts

This is the sum total of alerts that have not been resolved and are currently running.

F.     Historical Alerts

This shows the sum total of alerts that have been resolved with time captures of who received the notifications. This is useful for identifying recurring issues.

G.    Total GPS Devices

This is only applicable for clients who have units installed in the mobile application. Example, truck temperature and movement tracking.

H.    Total Devices On Map

This is the total of devices where the map location has been setup. This is to allow clients/ installers to find and view devices in a map view.

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