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Polar Monitoring Gatemon

Installation and setup manual


The Polar Monitoring Gatemon is a up to 8-Channel Remote Cloud Controlled output device for triggering open sequences for controlled access points.

The device comes in two variants a 4-channel and an 8-channel control unit. It is designed to provide remote opening sequences to controlled access points such as security checkpoints.

Remote Access

The units will solely be triggered by the My Estate Life API calls. Once installation and setup is complete the device being installed must run through a testing procedure via the My Estate Life app before the sign-in can be completed. Details of the final testing will be given by My Estate Life.

Basic Tool List

  • Electrical Multimeter
  • Drill
  • 5mm Steel Drill bit
  • 5mm Masonry bit
  • Small Flat screw driver
  • Medium Philips screw driver
  • 5x 30mm wall plugs with screws
  • Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable
  • Ethernet RJ45 Ends (at least 2)
  • RJ45 end crimping tool
  • Wire stripper
  • 3-core wire

Gatemon Installation

Physical Installation

The physical installation of the unit is simple and some basics need to be kept in mind.

  • Mount the unit at a convenient place inside the Guard house of the control entrance. Out of the way of direct movement of people.
  • The unit is IP65 water & dust resistant, so it can be mounted outdoors if needed.
  • Make sure that the unit is mounted vertically, with the cable glands positioned at the bottom.
  • Keep in mind that the unit uses ethernet connectivity, make sure it is possible to run cables from the Gatemon unit to the Ethernet modem. (Fibre Router)


  1. Open the unit by unscrewing the front face screws to reveal the internals.
  2. Drill a 5mm hole through each the plastic mounting points. (Shown with the stars in the figure below)
  3. Drill and mount the device to the wall by putting fisher plugs through the mounting holes.
    1. It is recommended that one uses at least a 5x 30mm fisher plug or equivalent wall screw

Note: it is best practice to use all 4 mounting points to ensure the enclosure is securely mounted on the wall.

Electrical Installation

This section will outline the steps to wiring in the electrical side of the system. Wiring the power of the unit, Running the ethernet cable from the modem and then connecting the various access points to the controller.

Powering the Unit

The Gatemon units comes with two power input methods. A 230VAC Version or a 12V DC Version. Most installation should make use of an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to ensure there is always power to the unit.

Note: It is essential for the functioning of the unit to be connected to the power at all times. If power fails to the unit triggers cannot be sent.

230V AC Connection

This power needs to be supplied from a source that is not easily turned off, such as a dedicated circuit breaker in the Distribution Board (DB).

Power must be wired into the Neutral(N) and Live(L) ports at the bottom of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) as shown in the picture below.

WARNING: Do not wire 230VAC wires into the 12VDC terminals as this will cause irreparable damage to the system.




12V DC Connection

As per the AC power, this source should not be easily switched off. One would standardly connect these terminals to a UPS system to ensure there is always power to the unit.

Power must be wired into the Positive and Negative terminals.

In this configuration the AC Power supply light will not illuminate during operation.

Note: This system can only take 12VDC into the DC terminals. Anything more will cause damage to the control relays. 

Modem connection via Ethernet

The modem fitted inside of the Gatemon control panel has an ethernet port to connect to an existing router. Installation of the ethernet cable will make use of Cat 5 ethernet cable to run a line from the port on the modem to an existing internet router.

The ethernet cable must be connected to an onsite internet modem and in that way will supply internet to the modem allowing it to operate by connecting to the online portal.

Note: If the internet connection to the system goes offline the Gatemon unit will not be able to trigger access points.

Wiring in the Control Points

The Gatemon unit can trigger up to 4 Relays on the 4-channel units and up to 8 relays on the 8-channel unit. The relays will be used to trigger the inputs of the access point controllers.

A 2-core cable will need to run to each access control panel. Depending on the control system of the access point the relays Normally Open (NO) and Common (COM) will need to be used on a trigger point and a ground or a trigger point and a positive. Take note of the trigger functionality on the access point control system to ensure connection to the relays is correct.

This process will have to be repeated for each access point.
It is important to note which access point has been connected to which relay numbers as this directly affects how the My Estate Life System triggers the access points.

Details of the relays and trigger points need to be sent to My Estate Life upon installation, an example of this is shown below:

  • Relay 1 – Main Entrance
  • Relay 2 – Main Exit
  • Relay 3 – Pedestrian Entrance
  • Relay 4 – Pedestrian Exit

On the Gatemon relays the relay numbers are from Left to right. The left most relay being 1.

For an 8 Channel Gatemon (Controlling 8 entrance/ exits). There will be 8 relays installed within the enclosure. The wiring and methodology for the both the 4 and 8 channel units are the same.

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