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Setting Up DTC1000 and DTC2000 on the DTCOM Software

This document will guide you through the process of setting up the Delta DTC1000 and/or DTC2000 temperature meter(s) serial parameters for communication with the Polar Gateway.

Steps to follow:
  1. Get a USB to Serial Mini-Converter.
  2. Download the DTCOM Software.
  3. Install the software.
  4. Run the DTCOM.
  5. Check your COM port.
  6. Set the DTC serial communications.

1. Get a USB to Serial Mini-Converter

You would need a USB to RS-485 Serial Converter to connect your personal computer with the DTC1000 controller. Make sure to wire the RS-485 converter correctly. A to A+ and B to B-. Sometimes these terminal points may be labeled differently e.g D+, D-, S+, S-. The important thing is to wire the positive side with the positive side, the negative with the negative side of the other end.

Note: Only the DTC1000 connects with the RS-485 cable, for you to change the DTC2000 controller you have to mount it on the side of the DTC1000 and give it a consecutive slave ID to the DTC1000.

2. Download the DTCOM Software

You would need to download the software change the serial communication parameters of the DTC temperature controller,  visit the Delta Download Center for you to down the DTCOM software. Type DTCOM for your Keywords search and then click the Submit button. The DTCOM download file will appear as your search results. Click the file to download.

3. Install the DTCOM Software

 After downloading the download file, which is a zip file, you will not need to install the software, all you need do is to unzip the file and find the execution file inside the unzipped folder.

4. Run the DTCOM Software

Double click on the execution file found inside the unzipped folder and you got the DTCOM software ready and running.

5. Check your COM port

On your personal computer, search for “Device Manager” to check for the COM port which the DTC is connected in communication with the DTCOM software.

Under Ports (COM & LPT) you will see the serial port which your device is connected to. I case where you have multiple ports, remove the one you have connected the DTC to and see it disappear from the list then put it back in to see it reappear. Once you are sure which is COM port it is, note it down for use with the DTCOM software e.g  COM2 is noted down for this tutorial.

6. Set the DTC Serial Communications

If your DTC is still new, it should by default have the following communication parameters which should make it easier for you to change the parameter to that of Polar’s gateway requirements. Just to be sure we recomend you do the auto detect with default serial communication set, otherwise, leave them a unknown which may take hours to scan.

1. Determine the set communication settings.

If your DTC is still new, it should by default have the following communication parameters in the table below, which should make it easier for you to change the parameter to that of Polar’s gateway requirements. 

Default and Required Serial Communication Settings
Communication AddressDevice ID/Unit ID/Node ID11
Baud RateCommunication Speed96009600
ParityError-checking processEvenNone
Stop bitEnd of data transmission1 bit1 bit
Data bitsCommunication data transmitted7 bits8 bits
ProtocolCommunication protocolASCIIRTU

Incase where your controller has once been set before and you need know the unknown parameters communication settings, or you just need to be sure of the settings we recommend you do the Auto Detect and leave the parameters a UNKNOW which may take more than an hour to scan.

2. Set new communication settings.

Once you know the current set communication parameters, you use those parameters to communicate to the controller then set the new Polar requited parameters into the controller.

3. Ensure the changes have been made.

When the new parameters have been set, you should now be able to use them to communicate with the device.

You would then be able to view the readings on the DTC1000 and all the mounted DTC2000s on it. You can then be able to choose the temperature sensor you have wired in each controller for precise temperature measurements by choosing the correct Input Type.

Well Done!
You are now ready to connect
The Polar Gateway!

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