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Download Polar App on your phone

Polar Monitoring’s app is available as a web app. This means it is not available in the Android or Apple app store but available directly through the Polar Monitoring Portal. 

To begin head to https://portal.polarmonitoring.com/ on your phone. 

Login with your user credentials. Then depending on your type of phone follow one of the options below. 


Andoid Phones (Chrome browser)

1. Once on the landing page of the Polar Monitoring Portal, Press the menu Icon on the top right of the screen.  ( 3 dots)

2. Once the menu is open press the “Add to Home Screen” button.

3. Pressing this will prompt the adding of the Polar Monitoring App to your phones home screen.  You can name this to the specifics devices name or Leave it as “Polar Moniroing”

4. Press “Add” and this will take you to the tile options.  

5. Once successfully added the new Polar App Icon will appear on the home screen of your Android device. 

Pressing this app icon now will open the Polar Monitoring Portal App.  Please note that you will always need internet connectivity for the app to function.

iPhone (Safari Browser)

Guide Coming Soon…

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