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GSM Connect - Axpert Inverter Installation Guide


The Polar Monitoring GSM Connect modem can be used to monitor various statistics and outputs of the Axpert range of inverters. This user manual will guide one through the process of Installing the GSM Connect Modem to an Axpert Inverter.

This is the GSM Connect Modem it comes in 2 different versions

  • 2G GSM Modem
  • LAN Modem


Both versions of the GSM Connect Modem connect to the inverters in the same manner via the RS232 Serial port located at the top of the modem.

Identifying your inverter

On the right-hand side of the inverter is a sticker with a series of details.

The Inverter Charger model name contains the type of inverter it will be. Each of the 2 types of inverters will have a different connection procedure for the GSM Connect. It will either be MKS or KING

Modem Installation

Mounting the GSM Connect Modem

The modem is IP 20 and required protection from the elements if mounted outside. One should place the modem within a few meters of the Inverter Ensure that the communication cables are kept at least 100mm from any high current power lines.


Power to the Modem

The GSM Connect Modem runs off 6 – 36VDC.

The system comes with a wall plug power supply that plugs into a standard 2-pin plug socket and into the socket in the bottom of the modem. Alternatively, it can be powered by an external 6-36V DC power source

Connecting the Modem to the Inverter

The Modem uses RS232 to communicate to the Inverter. On the modem side connect up the RS 232 Serial port to the modem.

The other side of the serial communications cable will end in an RJ 45 plug. This plug needs to go into the Inverters RS232 port. This port will vary based on the model of inverter.

For the MKS inverter

The connection will go into the RS232 labelled port as depicted above and will look like the connection below once connected.

For King Inverters

For the KING type inverters there are 2 RJ45 input ports. The left hand is RS484 to the Battery and the right is RS232 to the Modem. We will be using the right-hand port that depicts the computer of the face plate as depicted below.

Attention: If the serial cable is plugged into the left-hand port, it can cause irreversible damage to the Modem.  

Technical Details

GSM Connect


6-36V DC

Working Current (@12V)

 22 – 45mA

MAX: 201mA


80 x 84 x 25mm

IP Rating

IP 40





Operating Temperatures

-10°C to 50°C

Serial Communications

Number of Ports

1 xRS-232

Interface Standard

RS-232: DB9 cellular type


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