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Action Buttons

Action buttons are used to trigger outputs to devices in the field remotely from the Polar Portal. 

These buttons are located on the left hand side of the device dashbaord. This can be accessed by navigating to the devices list > clicking on the appripriate devices dashboard. 

This guide will be taking you through  the various types of buttons and actions and how to edit them. 

To get started click on the Pencil icon on the live Dashboard and pressing the Edit controls button. 

Edit device dash pencil icon
Action Controls edit button

Once you have clicked on the edit control a popup window will appear on the screen of all the buttons currently available on the dashboard. Called Edit Device Controls 

the control buttons are now listed here. The control buttons can now be editted with the pencil icon or deleted with the bin icon. 

To Enable/ Disable control buttons, click the edit button next to the appropriate button and tick the enable/disable. then save at the bottom of the page to save the configuration. 

Adding a custom Button

This functionality is only available to the Technician user roles on the Polar Portal.

To add a custom button a comprehensive knowlege will need to be know of the device that the button is being added to, this section will break down what each section means and how to add it successfully. 

Once the add cotnrol button has been pressed a new windown will appear with a list of parameters needed to properly execute the control when the button is pressed. 

Custom Button

Control Type 

The control type is to choose the type / style of button required. The platfrom has a number of button types in the drop down. They are explained as follows: 

  • Button – This is a standard push button type, click the button and it executes a single Modbus write command
  • Toggle State – This is similar to the push button but will also read the current state from the device in the field to then switch its current state. 
  • Pulse MB4442 Output – This button type is purely reserved to Pulse the Polar Monitoring MB4442 Fieldbus module for a duration of time. 
  • Promt – This button type will throw a prompt up onto the screen 
  • Multple Commands – This button type will allow writing of multiple registers in one click, This is usable for some device types where multiple registers have to be written at the same time for the action to happen on the device. 


This is the name that will appear on the button on the on the Device Dashbaord 


This descirption will appear when you hover over the button with your curser 

Confirmation Text 

All buttons on the system have a confirmation that must take place to trigger, this text will then show when when confirming the “clicking of the button” 

Icon & Colour

This is the icon for the button being created and then the colour drop down will let you select colours for that button 


This is the Modbus register that you are wanting to send a value to when pushing the button 

Data Value 

This is the value that should be writen to the register above when the button is pressed. 

Modbus Control Type 

This is where one can choose between writing to a coil or to a register. 


once all these settings are filled in click Add on the bottom right to add the button to the list. 


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