Variable Speed Drives provide an incredible range of control to electrical motors and pumps. 

The only issue left for the controlling pumps and ensuring operations is that one has to physically go to the drive to start/stop and manipulate the motor. This can be time consuming and costly especially when not knowing what has happened to the VSD.

With the Polar Monitoring GSM Connect©, one can easily monitor all parameters, settings, control functions and setup of the VSD’s remotely. 

The Polar Monitoring GSM Connect© Modem supports all types and brands of Variable Speed Drives. 

Remote Control

Remotely control the VSD from any PC or smartphone anywhere in the world. Set automated schedules, start and stop, set speeds and multiple other parameters quickly and easily.

Remote Programming

Program and configure all settings and parameters of the VSD remotely and securely via the Cloud Portal

Live Errors

With live alert tracking we can notify you when your VSD encounters an error. Providing you with the ability to manage the error and get the VSD up and running again as soon as possible.


The GSM Connect communicates with the Variable Speed Drive via RS485. It then uploads the information it receives via GSM. This allows the modem to communicate with all brands and models of VSD. Reliably and securely relaying the information to the Cloud Portal.

Remote Diagnostics

Eliminate the need to travel to the site every time a motor turns off unexpectedly. With all parameters of the drives gathered by the modem one can easily diagnose and rectify errors. Getting the system running as soon as possible.

Automated Reports

Set up reports to send via email of all required VSD parameters. This provides you with an effective audit trail of run hours, faults and VSD operation information.

Supports All VSD's

The GSM Connect supports all VSD's that have RS485/Modbus communication. This provides the ability to view all VSD's installed in the field on a single platform regardless of their make or model.

Polar Monitoring can intergrate any make or model of VSD to work on the GSM Connect. Contact us to get your VSD on the platform today. 

Speak to one of our experienced consultants today for more information.

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