Remotely monitor a wide variety of Solar inverter/UPS systems using the Polar Montoring UPS/Inverter monitoring unit. 

A simply plug and play device that communicates with the UPS/Inverter and records parameters of the unit and presents it via the Polar Monitroing Cloud Portal. 

From the platfrom one can monitor live and historical trents from the Inverter/UPS from any PC or smartphone. 

Aditional features include remote programming functionality providing technitian level access to systems installed in the field. Giving the ability to modify parameters of the UPS/inverter without needing to be on site.

The montorig unit comes in two options for connectivity namely: 

  • 2G GSM Sim card based (sim included)
  • Ethernet 

Remote Montioring

Get inverter status and information and data from any PC or smartphone inlcuding but not limited to: Grid Voltage, Battery Voltage, Output Voltage, Solar Voltage, Solar Current

Remote Programming

Program and configure all settings and parameters of the UPS / Inverter remotely and securely via the Cloud Portal

Live Errors

With live alert tracking we can notify you when your UPS / Invert encounters an issue. Providing you with the ability to manage the error and get the system up and running again as soon as possible.

Remote Diagnostics

Eliminate the need to travel to the site every time a motor turns off unexpectidly. With all parameters of the drives gathered by the modem one can easily diagnose and rectify errors. Geting the system running as soon as possible.

Automated Reports

Set up reports to send via email of all required UPS / Inverter paramenters. This provides you with an effective audit trail of power production, faults and UPS / Inverter operation information.

Supports All Axpert type UPS / Inverters

The Inverter / UPS modem supports all vertsions of Axpert type inverters

Supported Models


Ethernet Modem

The Ethernet Modem version simply plugs into any internet hub or connection point and seamlessly connects up to the cloud platform provided there is an internet connection. 

Price from R3499.00 Ex VAT

GSM Modem

The 2G GSM Modem comes with a data managed sim card pre installed. This unit will connect up to the Polar Montoring Cloud Portal as soon as power is provided, Monthly fees apply

Price from R3499.00 Ex VAT

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