We take away the stress of monitoring your cold storage rooms and trucks. Our expert staff will retrofit your cold storage areas with our sensors, which will allow you to monitor the temperatures live from any laptop, cell phone or tablet wherever you may be. We at Polar Monitoring believe it is essential to monitor and maintain historical temperature data to ensure safety of your stock.

Our temperature monitoring products are divided into Transit and Fixed Storage with a variety of features to assist in monitoring each aspect. Each product will have access to the Polar Monitoring portal which will display all the relevant information for each storage location.

Transit Range

Transit 500

The transit 500 gives you a cost-effective aftermarket bolt on unit that can be fitted to any size truck or vehicle. It allows quick access to live monitoring of the temperatures as well as reports and history of the trips. 

Transit 600

The transit 600 provides all the features of the transit 500 as well as an added GPS positioning system to monitor the temperatures as well as the positions of your fleet.

Cold Storage

Fixed 500

The cold storage monitoring solutions provide a live view of the temperatures of your cold storage facility. The unique nature of the sensor system allows the monitoring of cold rooms of any shape and size. We can accommodate as many temperature probes as needed giving you the most accurate depiction of the real time temperatures.  

With this you can accurately monitor all the temperatures of your facility as well as generate reports of temperatures to ensure that your product has been kept at its optimal temperature throughout its time in your warehouse.

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