Step 1

Read the product manual

Your Polar Monitorng product manual contains:

  • Features
  • Behaviour
  • Specifications
  • Limitations
  • Installation Instructions
  • Troubleshooting Steps

The product manual is essential reading before installation, or contacting someone for further support. It provides critical information for the safe and reliable use of your Polar Monitoring equipment.

The product manual for your Polar Monitoring product can be found in the Downloads section.

Please take the time to review it before seeking further support.

Step 2

Search Our Wiki

The Polar Monitoring Wiki is a place for end-user customers, developers, installers and distributors to have access to a searchable knowledge base of common issues and support topics.

If you are experiencing an issue, it is very likely that someone else has experienced this same issue as you before and their solution could be easily available to you.

Step 3

Contact your Distributor

Contact the company you bought the product from. Product and technical support, as well as warranty claims can be requested from them.

Distributors are trained to provide the first line of support and can assist you with your issue.

This also applies when you bought your product through a webshop; contact the webshop you bought the product from to resolve your issue.

When you contact them, have the following information ready:

  • The serial number of the Gateway (abc-123-xyz)
  • Where and when did you purchase the device?
  • What devices in the unit working with?
  • What have you already tried?
  • Pictures of the installation.
  • Describe the exact steps to re-create the problem and the behaviour you are seeing.
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