Everything in our world today runs beacuse of electricity. Being able to manage and control how much power is being used, how much is being produced and the costs involved is the next step to making your business sustainable. 

At Polar Monitoring we provide easy to use systems that plug and play into a variety of differnt controllers and meters in the sector. Through the Polar Portal the meter/ controllers data is tracked and monitored online providing you with reports of consumptions and usages. Alerts on maintenance, servicing and levels and much more from the comfort of your office.  

Generator Monitoring

Remotely monitor and manage generators, as an installer or as an end user. Get live information of generators in the field. Fuel Levels, Maintenance cycles, faults and alerts. All from a single online platfrom.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems are vital in reducing demand charges for large power consumers. The next step is to ensure the PFC system is running as it should and alert the appropriate people when it is not. 

Contact Polar Montiroing for our PFC monitoring soluitions to ensure these vital systems are running as they should be. 

Electricity Meter Monitoing

Electricity meters were originally used to bill for consumption. With Polar Montoring we can add a variaty measurements into a simple KWh meter. Coupled with remote montoring one can now track and trend consumptions over time to gain a better understanding of where these costs are going and ultimately make smarter more sustainable decisions. 

Power Analysing

Power Analyzers are used to dive into the complexities of electricity usage and quality in a site. They provide a variety of  readings as well as max and mins for harmonics, power, voltage, currents and more. 

Coupling these analysers with a Polar Gateway will then allow one to bring this information online to track trends and view the data historically. 

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