Wellmon 200

Liquid Level Monitoring


The Wellmon 200 is our basic water level monitoring device. It live monitors the water level inside a tank or reservoir and sends the data to the Polar Monitoring Portal via its build in 2G Telemetry. Once the data is on the portal it can be easily visualised, set up level alerts pull reports from the history etc.


  • 2G GSM Telemetry (Works with Polar Monitoring Portal)
  • Water and Dust Proof Housing
    • Anti-Tamper/ Vandalism housing if required
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring of Water Level
  • UPS battery backup upgrade available
  • Can run on solar


  • Water Tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Dams
  • Rivers
  • Shallow Wells
  • Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Flood warnings




  • 1x Wellmon 200 Monitoring Unit
  • 1x 4-20mAh Pressure Transducer Probe
  • 6m Submersible Cable


Measurement Depth:0-5m
Dimensions Controller:325x400x200mm
Dimensions Probe:60x60x250mm
Weight Controller:1650g
Weight Probe:850g
Water and Dust Rating Controller:IP 67
Water and Dust Rating Probe:IP 68
Cable Length:6m
Power Input:220VAC
Operating Temperatures Controller:-30℃ to +50℃
Operating Temperature Probe:-20℃ to +120℃
Battery Backup:7Ah (optional)
Connectivity:2G GSM