Frecon – SmartLink Wireless Relay

Frecon Smart Link is an Easy Wireless Tank Level Control System.


The Smartlink kit comes as a pair of two devices.

The transmitter unit is a battery powered wireless device that is connected to a float switch or dry contact which is installed in a tank reservoir or dam.
The receiver device is a powered wireless receiver with a control relay on it which is installed at the pump.

When the float switch either opens / closes the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, which then toggles its relay accordingly to turn the pump on or off.

This is a fantastic solution if your tank / reservoir is far away from where your pump is? Simply install the transmitter unit at the tank, and wire the other unit into the pump controller, and let the magic happen.


  • Transmitter
    • Battery life of 2-3 Years (transmitter)
    • +-1Km wireless range (LOS
    • Digital Input (can connect to float switch or any other dry contact)
  • Receiver:
    • Normally Open Relay Contact
    • 12-24V operation (receiver)
    • Power & signal strength indicator LEDs

Contact Details:

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+27 12 653 0080



  • SmartLink DC Receiver
  • SmartLink Transmitter


SmartLink Receiver
Water and dust ratingIP 65
Power Input:12-24V DC
Operating Temperatures:-20℃ to +50℃
Connectivity:1KM (Line of Sight)
Long Range Wireless
SmartLink Transmitter 
Water and dust ratingIP 65
Power Input:None
Operating Temperatures:-20℃ to +50℃
Connectivity:Long Range Wireless