Polar Portal

The Polar portal is the brains behind the entire Polar Monitoring ecosystem.  It does the gathering and representation of all devices and sensors connected to the Polar Gateways. We shaped the system to make a once difficult to understand process simple and easy to use.
The Polar Portal is device and brand agnostic meaning one can monitor a multitude of different devices and brand types from one platform.

Take a look below at what the Polar Portal can do for your field devices and contact us for more information, feel free to view a demo of of portal.

Polar Portal Home Screen

Features Of Polar Portal

Live Monitoring

Polar offers the ability to connect to any supported RS-485 device and provide live feedback from the field. This provides instant feedback on what your field devices are doing and allows you to do on/off control and state changes in real time. 

Historical Trending

With the pre-configured register mappings, the system is automatically polling data at set intervals to log and track the connected systems even when not logged in. From the moment the Gateway is first configured the logging starts. The data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed and viewed anytime, anywhere.  

Generate Reports

From the data collected from the devices/sensors in the field we can login to generate and download reports. Either manually from the Polar Portal or set up scheduled reports to trigger and send reports via email. These reports can be generated as CSV or PDF. 

Alerts and Notifications

The Polar Portal can be used to setup alerts and notifications based on criteria. This ensures that when something goes wrong that it lets you know.

Polar Portal: Ease of Setup

The Polar Portal is first and foremost designed around ease of use. This goes from the first-time setup of our Gateways to getting alerts and generating reports based on data gathered.


Starting with the Polar Gateways, we have developed step by step instructions on how to install our Gateways onto every device and sensor type we support.


The next and essentially final step is the setup of the Gateway on the Polar Portal. There is a user-friendly setup sequence available by scanning the QR code on the front of all our Gateways.


Once setup we have pre-mapped all supported devices registers onto our system creating fully functional default views.
This creates a true plug and play experience.


Once the initial setup is complete there is an infinite possibility to customize the system exactly to your needs.

Again, our focus is making it as intuitive and user friendly as possible. No coding required.

  • Adapt and change parameters and device info to monitor.
  • Build custom dashboards to fit your every need.

Polar Monitoring’s core solution offering is our advanced cloud portal. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have a very simple & easy to use portal. We take all the complexities and technical hurdles out of the way so that our users can simple do what they need to do.

Ease of Access with security

The Polar Portal represents an advanced, cloud-based monitoring platform crafted to facilitate seamless connectivity to any location through personalised user logins. Our system is fortified by robust user account security measures and precisely defined access rights, ensuring that only authorised users can retrieve their designated data.

This comprehensive security framework provides reassurance, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the collected data. Users can take solace in the knowledge that their information remains safeguarded against unauthorised access. The flexibility of our platform allows for data retrieval from any corner of the globe, be it through a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

Furthermore, we uphold a commitment to professional data privacy standards. Users can trust that their data is kept confidential, with stringent measures in place to prevent any sharing with external or third-party applications. This dedication to privacy underscores our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and security in the realm of data management. View our Privacy Policy.

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