Hydrostatic Level Monitoring System

As groundwater is not visible it can be challenging to monitor the health and sustainability of your water source. Having a healthy and reliable supply of groundwater is paramount to high consumption users. Polar Monitoring manufactures reliable and long lasting remote monitoring solutions to provide detailed insights into your hydrostatic level. 

With our system, the monitoring of the hydrostatic level becomes very simple and easy. One can easily view and track trends over time. This assists in making more informed decisions to increase the output, lifespan and sustainability of the groundwater system. 

View how rainfall affects the hydrostatic level to make better predictions of droughts and increasing longevity of the groundwater.

Ground Water Borehole
Hydrostatic Level

System Preview

Parameters Monitored

Alerts & Notifications

Reports & Downloads

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Easily Manage Multiple Units Out In The Field

Monitor many units in the fields to get a larger view of the hydrostatic level.  Collate all units data into usefull & meaning full reporting.

How it works?

The Wellmon range of devices provides the ability to remotely monitor the groundwater level along with many other parameters. The system logs real time data from various sensors and then uploads it to the cloud portal.

Easy Install

Simply install the unit at the well, connect up and install the required sensors, power on the unit and the unit will begin monitoring immediately. 

View & Monitor Data

Once installed, one easily gains access to the device remotely via any smartphone or PC.  You will then have instant access to all devices and will be able to view live data.


  • Long-term hydrostaic level statistics
  • Water quality
  • Rainfall
  • Drought and water usage management

Reporting & Alerts

You are now able to download reports, raw data dumps as well as visualised analytics & trends for all your groundwater monitoring. Setup rules to be alerted on to ensure that you have reliable & sustainable water production for the future to come.

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