Generator Monitoring

Polar Monitornig brings an all in one generator monintoring and management system. Our Polar Gateway is compatable with a variety of different generator controllers, meaning that they can all be viewed, monitored and managed from our user friendly Polar Portal no matter the make or model.

Going further the Polar ecosystem manages all aspects of getting the data from the controller to our platfrom this includes the Sim cards, data gathering, programming and hosting. 

Ultimately allowing our clients to spend more time on their businesses and lives without having to worry about failures and maintenance. 

Get your generators online today and stop having to worry about the unknowns. We will handle the rest.

Live Views

Live views from the Polar Portal allow one to quickly view and monitor their Generators from their app/PC securely  anywhere in the world. 


Histocial views are vital to the longevity of a system. Tracking trends such as run hours or output peaks to see the overall behaviour of a generator in the field will be a unbelievable advantage in keeping these units online. Making them more sustainable long term, minimizing breakdowns and power losses. 

Remote Diagnostics

The system tracks a number of variables from the generator controllers including error codes, warnings and alerts. Coupling this with the historical data gatehered one can simply login to view a generator and diagnose the problem before going to site. 

This ensures that none of our clients are left in the dark and when callouts need to be made to site that the right tools and parts are taken with.


The Polar Portal is always watching. If anything goes out of line on the generator we will be the first to notify you. 

The Polar Portal generates controller specific alerts informing you of the time and reason for the alert. 

  • Fuel level 
  • Maintenance Required
  • Fault codes and operations

Maintenance and Servicing Agents

For generator management and service agents we offer a full package for tracking maintenance, breakdowns and fuel management. 

Polar Monitoring tracks and reports on all your generators in the field. Presenting the data on one easy to use platform so that you can manage all your generators in one place.

  • Track service intervals 
  • Get live alerts for breakdowns and faults 
  • Fuel management
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Support tickets
For more information on the Polar Monitoring Generator monitoring systems please get into touch via the link below. 

Supported Generator Controllers

For a full list of our currently supported Generator controllers Please see our supported device list.