Our solution provides comprehensive analysis, monitoring the multiple aspects of your fuel systems via our cloud portal. 

For each bowser you can access live readings, historical reports. 

Polar Monitoring provides a wide range of monitoring, control and data logging opportunities for:  

  • Remote or difficult to access locations
  • Hazardous or critically important sites
  • Long-term groundwater statistics
  • Drought and water usage management
  • Landfill and mine water supervision
  • Flood and storm water management
  • Water usage and flow rates 
  •  VSDs & Pump Control Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Mining 

Fuelmon 501


The fuelmon 501 is designed to monitor a standalone bowser. It supports 1 level probe & 1 water detection probe. 

Fuelmon 504


The fuelmon 504 is designed to monitor a bank of bowsers. It supports up to 4 level probes & 4 water detection probe. 

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