Our units provide comprehensive analysis and monitoring of fuel levels and volumes in fuel tank systems via our cloud portal. 

For each bowser or liquid storage tank one can access live & historical readings, automate reports and trigger alerts.


  • Accurate dipstick readings every 5 minutes
  • Minimize theft & inaccurate readings 
  • Simple to install on new and existing systems
  • High / Low level alerts via SMS & Email
  • Scheduled reports
 Our systems come in 2 easy to install and setup variations. 
Live Fuel levels from anywhere

Fuelmon 501


The fuelmon 501 is designed to monitor the fuel level and volume of a standalone fuel tanks. It supports 1 level probe & 1 water detection probe. 

Fuelmon 504

Fuelmon 504 Product Image


The fuelmon 504 is designed to monitor fuel level and volume of a bank of fuel tanks. It supports up to 4 level probes & 4 water detection probes. 

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