Find some of the control systems and use cases that the Polar Monitoring products are used in below.

Fieldbus Module

Control Systems And Use Cases fieldbus module

Polar Monitoring has designed & manufactured its own RS485 fieldbus RTU. This module is used along side the Polar Gateway to push data from devices and sensors in the field without RS-485 capabilities. The module has a number of inputs and outputs:

  •  4x Analogue inputs (4-20ma)
  • 4x Digital Inputs 
  • 4x Digital Outputs
  • 2x Pulse Counters

Variable Speed Drives

With the Polar Monitoring Gateway, one can remotely monitor Variable Speed Drives via the Cloud Portal. The system is plug and play onto most VSD’s with RS-485 communications. 

  • Remote stop/Start
  • Remote reset 
  • Notifications on drive faults and errors 
  • Remote programming 

Generic Modbus Reader

Polar Monitoring Modbus

The Gateways are capable of being programmed on the Polar Cloud to poll registers from any device with RS-485 communications.  

  • Poll any number of registers for monitoring and analytics
  • Easy to use interface with Modbus devices

Pivot Remote Control

Centre Pivot

Control pivots from the Polar Portal using the Gateway and Fieldbus modules in situ with each other. Remotely program direction, turn the pivot on and off, program set points for different applications. 

From there one can remotely monitor the function of the pivot via the Portal. 

  • View flow rates 
  • View line pressures 
  • Run times